Bring Me To You & Let Your Holiday Begin!

If you’re not in the mood to come to me in Minneapolis, or you’re not much of a traveler, no problem!  I’m more than willing to have you bring me to wherever you are!

I only travel with gentlemen I have already met. If you would like to travel together, yet we have not met, please set up a 2-6 hour date to ensure compatibility! 

I require a minimum of 3 hours of alone time per day during travel engagements. 

I do not stay in personal homes unless a separate bedroom and private space is available to me.

I require a 20% deposit, plus airfare to secure the reservation. I currently accept Venmo and PayPal in addition to cash. Rates below do not include first class airfare.

All travel applicants must be over the age of 45.

Exclusive fly me to you:

Day 1 - 6k (24 hours)

Additional days - 3k

Full week/25k