Fly Me To You

Bring Me To You & Let Your Holiday Begin!

If you’re not in the mood to come to me in Minneapolis, or you’re not much of a traveler, no problem!  I’m more than willing to have you bring me to wherever you are!

I only travel with gentlemen I have already met. If you would like to travel together, yet we have not met, please set up a 2-6 hour date to ensure compatibility! 

I require a minimum of 3 hours of alone time per day during travel engagements. 

I do not stay in personal homes unless a separate bedroom and private space is available to me.

I require a 20% deposit, plus airfare to secure the reservation. I currently accept Venmo and PayPal in addition to cash. Rates below do not include airfare.

All travel applicants must be over the age of 40.

Exclusive fly me to you:

Day 1 - 6k (24 hours)

Day 2 - 3k

Additional days - 2500

Full week/20k