Practical Magic

So, I’m not officially a witch, or even a card-carrying pagan.  But I do believe in magic (and ghosts and souls and all kinds of other interesting stuff).  And I do believe in boundaries.   And I don’t believe in being a target for those who take it upon themselves to intrude into my life and business simply because they feel they are entitled to an opinion.  Sure, everyone’s entitled to an opinion, but they are not entitled to my paying attention to it, caring about it, or responding to it.

And they are certainly not entitled to escalate into increasingly abusive and accusing language when I don’t respond in the way they want.  I can’t begin to describe some of the raging emails or twitter posts I get from individuals, both potential clients or women in this business, (but primarily the latter) who don’t have the foggiest idea of how to make initial approaches, and those who have decided they know what I really mean in a post or blog, and have taken offense at my audacity at sharing my own opinions.

And so, I don’t respond, or don’t respond in the way that meets their needs, and they escalate.  And escalate–it’s a compulsion, and inability to take a step back from their impulsive misunderstandings and misreadings and simply let it go.


The spell.  I don’t really literally use it to reply to texts and emails.  But in my mind, that is all I am thinking:  “Did I fucking ask you?”

But I don’t want my own anger to escalate, and out of some inner reserve, comes:


And that’s the best spell and magic I can think of.


3 Responses to “Practical Magic”

  1. Dennnis

    I am constantly surprised, although I know I shouldn’t be, at the number of people so willing to tell everyone else how to run their lives, when it is so clear that they haven’t done such a great job themselves. Did I fucking ask you? No, and I never will. It’s a mantra!

  2. Jim

    I’m quite taken with the genuineness & immediacy you have in your musings. Definitely am going to make use of this magic!


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