When he asks, “Are you Discreet?”

No, I’m not discreet at all. Over the years I’ve been doing this work, I’ve put thousands of deluded men away.  Or I’ve intentionally outed them to family, friends and employers.  Yet somehow I’ve still managed to maintain a successful business.  Go figure!

And hey: There’s a huge vagina pic on the door of my apartment, along with flashing red lights and a sign that screams “Sex 4 Sale!” Don’t forget the lovely large boobs stenciled on each and every window. The bed sits next to a large picture window, and I leave it open at all times, so passers by can be entertained! I video everything, and post it on multiple social media platforms.  It brings in more clients this way! I’m an expert at marketing.

Or: if I see you at your hotel, I’ll walk through the lobby wearing tight jeans, stiletto heels, and a crop top with lots of underboob and “HO” written across the front, and don’t forget the necklace of condoms!

And after our session is over, I run through the town, scantily clad, screaming your name and address, telling everyone what a great fuck you are!

So, when would you like to set something up?

“Are you discreet?”  (Sometimes “Are you discrete?”)  I often get this question. Or I get the “please be discreet?” reminder. As if I didn’t know this? Thanks for reminding me how to do my job:)  They usually give me their credentials, explaining why they need discretion over other people. Apparently, they believe they are Very Important Persons (VIPs) and deserve extra special care, while anyone else I might see, the truck driver , the social worker, or the construction worker, do not?

Everybody gets discretion from me.  Everybody is important. Even the janitor!! But honestly, I’m not sure what I would even do that would be considered NON discreet? Perhaps the things listed above, yes–in some alternate universe that I don’t inhabit!

I am the only one who sees my email. And when I do a check on a person, nobody is called or emailed.  Most everything can be done by searching online these days! connecting the dots via the worldwide web, you know…but, if a phone call has to be made as part of verification, it’s simply asking if I can speak to Joe Blow. His secretary puts him through and I hang up. I believe even p411 does this sort of thing! I certainly would never identify myself as somebody Joe would like to have a secret liaison with, and then ask her if she recommends him as a trustworthy guy!

Never would I send random texts or emails or newsletters trying to solicit further business….and I would NEVER acknowledge you if I see you out in public, grocery shopping with your wife! Men come to me. Never vice versa. 

I’m a professional! And I would never put your safety or your anonymity in danger. Some guys will give me their Facebook and then say, “please don’t post on my wall though.” Ok, REALLY? Why on earth would I do such a thing? I’m not in the business of drawing attention to myself. How would that be good for my business or my reputation?

Perhaps a stereotype is the reason?…..a preconceived idea that escorts are not very smart, or that they have a level of desperation to get the next drug fix, and will therefore act rashly or impulsively!

Oh, or perhaps I’m such a nymphomaniac, I will aggressively and carelessly pursue sex with a successful business man with no regard for consequences! Can’t wait! I will even do it for free I’m so desperate!  Sometimes a girl’s gotta have it, no matter what!


Sure, I’m concerned for safety: I follow the industry standards for that.  Trust me–I’m a professional.  Our mutual protection is Very Important to me.  And once that protection is a sure thing, it’s time to Have Fun!!!

2 Responses to “When he asks, “Are you Discreet?””

  1. Hillary Lynk

    Bahaha I stumbled upon this on Twitter and had to retweet this. I get the can you be discrete thing on occasion from new clients and cant tell you how many times I have wanted to sarcastically reply just that lol your too funny
    Love your site by the way
    xoxo Ms Lynk

  2. Mr.Jones

    Spot on!
    Even though I pride myself on safety and discretion as a disciplinarian (adult corporal punishment privider),and mention it multiple times on my social media pages and website. I get this question during initial contact and the reply that goes through my head is quite similar.


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