Tony Gardner—–BAD guy

Yep I’m outing this dude. He is dangerous. I now believe with all my heart that it is he who caused my publicity back in 2012/13. Ladies beware. He still frequents escorts. The reason I’m saying something now, is because I know of several other ladies who have experienced similar treatment by him, though not as severe as what he did to me. But his stalking knows no bounds. It escalates. I blacklisted him on the National Escort Blacklist site, but I don’t feel that’s enough.

He was a client. A charming client! I met him and thought, wow, NICE people do exist. There is hope for the planet!! 😉 Quite often sociopaths are the most charming and generous people you will ever meet. Tony would go out of his way to be overly generous with me, and I often wondered why he was willing to spend so much time with me at the expense of his own family. I allowed him into my life. He would even visit my home if he was in the neighborhood! We became friends!  He met my kids at the time. He charmed them as well. My son even went to dinners with him, Timberwolves games and other fancy outings. He still tries to contact my son about once a month, who’s in his early 20s now. (He’s even, somehow, hooked up with my X and gone out with him.)  Last week, he sent my son a picture of some scenery or some annoying nonsense….He won’t stop. He’s patient and persistent.

Below is a list of characteristics of a sociopath/psychopath. But these qualities may be hidden too…..they’re often lurking just under the surface and all you see in the beginning is a great guy who will do anything to make your life better!  That’s what makes them so dangerous.

A lack of shame
Constant lying, manipulation, or attempts at isolation
Ability to remain calm, even in extreme circumstances
Charm, intelligence, huge ego, and immaturity
Uncalled for violent behavior
Micro expressions of anger
Easily offended
Narcissistic tendencies
Use of intense contact to manipulate

Why do I believe so strongly that Tony is the guy who attempted to make me homeless and ruin my life? Where do I begin…….The guy has a knack for writing anonymous letters. Doxxing….outing a gal in various ways to various people. He also stays very close, chummy, friendly with Law Enforcement and goes to all the neighborhood watch meetings. He keeps abreast of every detail everywhere.

Some of the things written in certain anonymous letters were things that only he knew. He was very interested in every detail of my life. When I talked about something going on in my life, he would turn his head sharply and listen intently. This always struck me as odd, but I brushed it off, thinking I was reading too deeply into his quirky behavior. He was just a weird guy. Harmless. But then I began receiving anonymous letters like this… my home……

As most of you know, my real name is Lora . . .I believe he misspelled it intentionally as a distraction. I received many letters like this, portraying my life in a sick, twisted and inaccurate way. I’d love to show you more….but they are just TOO sick. The other letters are much worse. Jaw dropping stuff.

He also sent more professional business like letters out to many different people–a police department, the landlord for my place of business, my teenage daughter’s school, and even the media!  They began like this one, five years ago. Due to the amount of personal info in these letters, I am only showing one small paragraph. He described me as a drug dealer and a dangerous, well known Madame, engaging in felonies.


He is the primary suspect in a 1980s cold case. A double homicide of HIS X GIRLFRIEND and her fiancĂŠ. Cold case: Chloroform murders  But there is simply not enough evidence to convict him. I have a friend who is a former LE officer. He believes there is no question Tony is guilty….but proving it is a big problem. This guy is smart, stealthy, and sneaky.

He has also done time (in the 80s) for the rape and kidnapping at gunpoint of an x girlfriend. He obviously has a problem with rejection.

Tony is not his actual name, but the name he’s adopted to stay safe and away from problems. His birth name is Milton Maxwell Gardner.  But everywhere in MN, he is known as Tony. (Minnesota people-Does the name Maxwell Beaverbrook ring a bell?)

He only contacts gals who post their phone number on their ads. He will not use email. The way he gets to those of us who only use email only is he sets up an appt with a gal who takes phone calls. Then he asks her if she knows “Hilary” ….she says yes, and he says, “can you please contact Hilary and ask her if it’s ok if I text her? Tell her what a great guy I am please!” She does what he says, I agree and he’s IN! Sort of a reverse verification!

Anyhow, ladies beware. This guy is dangerous and as charming and intelligent as they come. And he LIVES for details….details to bribe you with or use against you in some insane way.

Please feel free to contact me privately with any details if you are concerned about him contacting you or if you have had an experience with him.

Let’s keep each other safe!

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  1. John Gardner

    I am Tony (Milton) Gardner’s youngest brother. I found Hilary’s web page earlier this week by doing a “Tony Gardner Minneapolis murder suspect” good search. The reason I did this was the result of ongoing psychopathic behavior by Tony Gardner. Tony went to prison in 1982 for kidnapping and raping (first degree sexual assault) an ex-girlfriend. He has Ron Meshbesher’s firm as legal counsel–very expensive to my father. As the result of Tony’s rape and kidnapping (use of a gun to scare the woman, coupled with handcuffs to a motel bed), he became the primary suspect of the Diana Smith/Scott Jones murders. I met Diana Smith a year before her murders–Tony brought her to our home; I was in eighth grade and Tony was in dental school (see WCCO Chloroform Cold Case–Tony is the dental student listed).

    Tony showed no remorse upon leaving prison (all things considered, he got a lighter sentence due to having the best criminal defense attorney in the state) and took a vacation to Hawaii; he never sat down with the family to apologize and explain how he was going to reform his life. Instead, he has maintained the same smug, condescending attitude and violent tendencies. And Tony lied to our family about having been cleared as a murder suspect upon his release from prison in 1984. I found out in 2008 from the WCCO article that Tony is in fact still the primary suspect. I spoke to Caroline Lowe, the author of the WCCO article; she confirmed it is Tony. There is only one person in this world that fits that description. I also spoke with the St. Paul homicide. They need something to put Tony at the scene of the crime; yet, Tony was meticulous in his efforts not to leave any evidence. As a dental student, he fine tuned a train of thought for detail and being meticulous.

    I lived with Tony from November 1985-1986 while I attended the college–then I went in the military (flew helicopters). But in the winter of 1985, CBS aired a movie about imprisoned murderer, Jeffery McDonald, a Army physician who murdered his wife and two children at Fort Bragg. McDonald was first cleared of as a suspect but then his father in law found inconsistencies with McDonald’s account for the night of the murders, resulting in having the case reopened and eventually McDonald being convicted with a life sentence. During was consumed with this movie when it aired; he had nightmares and flipped out in a rage about worrying that he too would be found guilty of the murders of Diana Smith; he put a large hole in the wall of the apartment Tony tried hiding these emotions but I walked in when it happened and he stated he had fallen against the wall, but I heard a loud thump and notice his hand being scraped. I did not confront him since I did not really know what to think. He stated later while watching the movie about concerns that he too might be convicted. Tony took a lot of amphetamines while a dental student–he told me this in April 1982 while we were driving late at night to Milwaukee to visit our oldest sister. He even offered me some pills since I was driving, but I was not interested. He told me it needed to stay up late to study.

    I have seen Tony go in rages over small matters; he has a major anger problem. But Tony is very dishonest and has lied to a Hennepin County court of law about me, trying to discredit me based on lies–he did the same recently in WI, which also indicates he is hiding some nefarious behavior about our late mother’s Will. Ever since I confronted Tony in early 2009 about his being the primary suspect, he has escalated his efforts to discredit me–he falsely accuses me of being mentally ill when in fact I am not–doing so behind my back. I am a well educated man who recently completed some graduate school at Harvard (last summer). Tony appears to have tampered with my U.S. mail when I was a graduate student at the Bush School of Government at Texas A&M.

    It is one thing after the other with Tony–he is very dishonest and a true diabolical psychopath. So when I did my google search the other night and found Hilary Holiday’s posting about Tony Gardner Bad Guy and read her essay about Tony, I was not surprised but somewhat sickened to my stomach. I am nothing like Tony; he is nine years older than me. I have had some very honest and genuine communication with Hilary Holiday (I know her real name) and have no doubt that Hilary is telling the truth about her experience with Tony Gardner. And I have no doubt that Tony murdered Diana Smith and Scott Jones: only one person knew Diana, had access to chloroform (as a dental student), has a history of violence with woman (ex-girlfriends) and a jealous, envious personality which led to the murder of Diana’s fiance Scott Jones. Tony is envious of highly intelligent people; he had to study long and hard to make into dental school, then he had to resort to taking amphetamines to stay up late to study longer…Tony is obviously not stupid and is intelligent himself, but he is not brilliant, not well above average or of superior intelligence; rather, he is above average intelligence who has worked hard. However, his psychopathy gets in his way from attaining sane, higher thought, diverting his mental energy into sick, psychopathic messages, violent schemes, and misuse of the legal system. I truly wish Tony would get some help; I have been told that it is very unlikely that he will ever humble himself to seek help, that people like him are like this way for life, often ending up in prison. I have been told by a Catholic Priest that holding Tony accountable might be the only way for him to truly find God and become honest, even then it is unlikely.

    I feel sorry for the victims of Tony dishonesty and deviant behavior, especially those who has been violent towards. I have respect for Hilary, but I have nothing but pity and disgust for Tony Gardner.

  2. Joel

    > I was watching a cold case tv show last night and Tony Gardner popped into my mind. I searched his name and came across your blog. I went to Hamline with him. I knew him at the time as he was a fellow fraternity member. When the murders occurred in 1980, he was in dental school while I was still at Hamline and it shocked everyone. The police interviewed me to find out what they could about Tony, but he was a very secretive person and I knew nothing that could help them. Everyone felt that he must have done the murders but, as you know, there is no proof. It sickens me that he probably got away with a double murder and is still on the prowl. That letter posted here makes my skin crawl. I feel for the families of the victims. It was interesting to read the response from his brother who feels the same way about him. Nobody knows what happened to him and we have a morbid curiosity about him. Im choosing to remain anonymous in this post. He is a dangerous guy and we all knew it even in college. Please stay safe.


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