The “TER” Question

The Erotic ReviewThe Erotic Review – My experience

December, 2012. Through my hard work, and good marketing, I was ranked the Number One or Two SW in Minnesota on The Erotic Review. It vacillated between me and an ebony bombshell named Halle Moore. For the year prior, I had been subjected to ongoing attacks on the TER Discussion Boards (primarily the Minnesota Board)–trolls, aliases, other SW’s (no more than six to ten, total) had kept up a steady stream of posts about me, filled with lies, innuendoes, and rumors. I remember a few of the names, the handles…..UpToNoGood11, TurboTed, GoodIntentions, ChicagoCPA, CurvyCat, TallTails…to name a few….who hated me with a passion. At times, I would try to defend myself, or reason with them, but it only seemed to feed the frenzy of the trolls, aliases, and other SW’s. The attacks were not just about me professionally, but had a deep element of the personal about them. My own efforts to discuss this directly with TER administration were fruitless. A few of my friends and supporters also contacted TER Administration to protest that TER was allowing extremely negative, extremely harmful, and extremely untrue, attacking threads about me to be posted. TER’s response was always a variant of “The posts stand.” They didn’t like me, and they made it very obvious. Their responses always began with “Hi”…then some robotic, unemotional verbiage, sometimes a small (or large) hint of HATE and annoyance…… and ending with “Thank you for your support — TER Support Staff. At one point TER themselves sent me a personal DM telling me they didn’t like me and wished I would DELIST myself off of their site. I asked them WHY? No response.

Then I got busted.

The Erotic Review Enables Liars and Trolls

It only took a month–by January of 2013, the Minnesota Discussion Board seemed to constantly have a thread attacking me. For the most part, those posting these untruthful attacks about me were using aliases. The lies expanded–Lies like……I was working with LE, I wasn’t safe to see, I was indiscreetly talking about my clients with anyone who would listen, I wanted other girls (“competition”) to go down, I was calling wives, on and on…..

There were three or four in particular who seemed to be on a cruel mission to destroy me.

I, and others, attempted to defend me, and bring the light of truth to the “discussion.” These attempts failed. We also attempted to protest to TER Administration–“the posts stand.” On top of that, TER would REMOVE posts that defended me. One of my clients tried to post an element of truth about me amidst all these lies, and TER removed the post saying that his post caused fear and paranoia in the community. Yet all the posts about me BEING A COP were staying….(because those posts caused NO fear at all?)

The news media got the story, and for a few weeks, I was subject to a very public process of humiliation and character assassination. The Minnesota Board went wild, swallowing the media accounts whole, just as they had the lies, innuendos, and rumors that had been written about me the previous year.the erotic review question

Then, I gained more information about my bust–I had been subjected to an organized campaign by at least one person, probably more, and this had led to the bust. Anonymous letters had been written to my building’s management, my children’s school. I tried to present this information via the Minnesota Board, but it was useless–the haters continued their attacks. I posted to them on Twitter (my old Twitter account, since closed) in hopes of getting something of a fair hearing for my side. Within minutes, TER Administration decided to de-list me. Not once had they paid any credence to my account of the situation. When the posts about me became obvious train-wrecks, clearly the work of very disturbed individuals, did TER Administration ban the haters? Did they take down the threads? (Occasionally, but not often.) No, The Erotic Review Administration blamed me, and sided with the haters.

In theory, TER is a good idea. Not a great one, but a good one. A community of SW’s and their customers discussing issues, communicating in a public forum. Helpful for both the SW’s and the customers. In practice, a few negative, hating individuals seemed to be able to post anything they wanted (outside the supposed guidelines of posting), and received ongoing passive encouragement from The Erotic Review Administration.

After a few months to get over the trauma of being hated and attacked in such a public forum, one in which I had excelled in the past, I began to both heal, and rebuild my business. All alone with no support from other ladies in my community. All without TER’s help. Yes, I had used TER to help build my great business; yes, TER had stood by and encouraged others as they tried to destroy my great business. But in the end, I rebuilt my business, and it is stronger now than it ever was. Not only did I not need TER, but I have been able, person by person, to show others who had merely watched this from the sidelines that everything that had been posted about me was lies. Seeing me did not lead to getting arrested. Seeing me did not lead to my divulging personal information. Seeing me, in fact, led to a purely pleasurable amount of time spent with someone deeply interested in ensuring that you experienced just what you wanted to experience.

SW’s and True Gentlemen Should Not Support The Erotic Review

And now, I am conflicted when new SW’s come to me and want to know how to get started. In some cases, it does seem that TER is a necessary evil. In those cases, I encourage simply using TER as a means to the end of building business, and then dumping TER. I also have been able to explore other marketing options since TER was not an option. And I have found that TER is a mutant–it allows a few select inmates to run the asylum, and in the long run, very few benefit, and among the very few are even fewer SW’s. Mark my words, it is NOT a lasting and sustainable business model, and they won’t survive unless they change their approach. Most of humanity is a bit more evolved than their archaic, women hating, abusive way of operating. They are allowing a NEGATIVE, vocal minority set the tone and content, rather than letting a positive community develop organically.

So, the The Erotic Review question: would I do it again if I could? No. TER Administration stood by and allowed others, both providers and hobbyists, to engage in dishonest, cruel attacks on my livelihood. I found other, better ways of marketing. It is a personal choice for SW’s as to whether or not they want to use TER. I share my story to allow them to have some accurate information about what they might expect by doing so.

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  1. OgreRay

    Thanks for sharing what happened to you Hilary. I haven’t been on TER, but it certainly sounds like a poisonous place. Dealings with my local review board are tame in comparison, but there is still venomous comments directed at members. The rules do seem to be upheld for the most part. Here’s to hoping any new SPs (SWs) avoid those hurdles if possible. It’s understandably difficult, but with everyone speaking out, maybe TER will wither away. Still, there’s a requirement for better ways to attract business. Hopefully those alternatives are not only discovered/developed, but that they are shared amongst the community.

  2. NMN

    I was once an active member of the board, and in fact I was present during the time that you were building your business up, I had even approached you, inquiring about a spending time with you. ( My identity shall not be offered in this public blog, however you would know who I am, if I were to share my former handle. )
    Sadly, the demand for you was so great, that you were not in a position to fit me into the schedule, and Yes, I know it for a fact, You were the most sought after date of all of the many providers. That is why others hated you, cause they could not compete !

    Just as I observed you getting the negative nasty treatment, I too had endured the very same treatment from some of the very folks that you mention in your musings. well before they turned on you, there were those who went after me with a vengeance.
    I too, was harassed, stalked, belittled and laughed at, all because of a provider,
    who went about creating as much Drama as possible, as she hid behind her sweet sexy façade, all while she went about her mission of hate from the darkness. I was a primary target of her hatred. It became so overwhelming, I volunteered to TER admin, to have me banned, so as to bring the whole experience to an end, and to use my exclusion as a means to prohibit others, from their quest to trash me, via my handle, and even my personal life.
    Sort of like burning the bridge, so as to keep the invaders at bay. The admin balked at the beginning, and then finally after a few outspoken rants by me, they did agree to ban me.
    Finally ! They did not like me as well, and told me as much, because I had stood my ground, and challenged the very people who were intent to discredit, and humiliate me.
    I too, walked away, with my head held high, realizing that with the supposed friends on the board, I did not need any enemies. πŸ™‚

    So yes, I can empathize with your plight, in that you faced a den of dangerous snakes, who’s intent, was to spew their venom and destroy anyone who was able to be successful.
    Judging by your website, It appears that you have done very well for yourself, in spite of the past experiences that you endured. I commend you for your ability to bounce back from the jaws of defeat, Hillary, you experienced a lot of adversarial situations in the long ago years. It is good to see that you were able to pick up the pieces and build a better product
    than the original.

    As evidenced by the many positive reviews that you have on other sites, and your continued presence in the adult escort sector, is proof, that you are a class act, and classy provider, who did not need the supposed support of those who frequented the board, nor did you need their business as well.

    The Erotic Monkey led me to your website, and I am glad that I took a look around.
    Now that your gallery has gotten me aroused, I guess I may have to see if I can book an hour
    of your time.
    Best Wishes to you!

  3. Peyton

    I am so very sorry , Sweet lady ! I too, experienced the very same treatment from a few providers and “men” , I delisted myself after my few attempts to remain kind and cordial to all .
    I too have much more success and happiness without that board , the gentlemen that inquire and see me are so delightful and very enjoyable !
    I am and always have been of the belief that gentlemen would not engage in the type of treatment and reviews present on ter . It makes me sad to see that any provider feels it necessary to partake in such blatant terrible abuse and disrespect … πŸ™
    Besos to you , lovely Hillary . xxx

    • Kaysie

      I too am becoming a victim of a few terrible Reviews on TER, that are hurting my business. Can anyone tell me how to delist myself, and what other options I have? Thank you.

  4. Michael Mazanec

    The “Yelp” factor.

    Most, if not all restaurant owners and employees hate Yelp. Most don’t see it as a “necessary evil”. Industry and business have done well without “review websites”. Yelpers love to air their opinions, their small minded uninformed opinions. Clearly it gives them a sense that they have some power. Reviewer hobbyist feel exactly that. Some schmoe writes how a “waiter seemed to chuckle when I ordered my steak well done”. True or untrue, Yelp doesn’t care. And any people that happen to like their steaks well done read it and then jump on the “it’s so easy, lets hate” bandwagon. This is TER except they are fueled a strictly male (70-80% yucky SLobbyists types?) client base, and going to a restaurant and paying for dinner isn’t illegal. TER makes it clear by action that they will protect and serve the hobbyists at the expense is the sex worker.
    I’d like to know if the situation is similar in Canada or Australia?

  5. Heather strong

    I am also the victim of bad reviews written by another provider who was kicked of ter for buying fake reviews. She is using hide my ass to hide her IP address and has open accounts so she can write other girls good and bad reviews. She doesn’t like me for some reason and her reviews has destroyed my business. Ter never listens to snything I have to say even when i have proof.

  6. Hungry101

    Jesus Hilary. I’m sorry you had to put up with this shit. I have been a TER member for 10 years. They too piss me off from time to time but my problems with them have been minimal compared to yours.

    I don’t know what to say about your sassy attitude. It kind of turns me on and I love your sexy pictures. I’ll see you TER or no!

    take care

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