SnowMobiling with my Butler!

I just had the best weekend ever!

In a world where everyone is in a rush and theres just masses of chaos, chaos, chaos, it is so nice to take a moment, breathe and slow down now and then. And that’s just what I did this past weekend! If you’ve never been to the North Shore, I highly recommend. The scenery rivals some of the best in the world.

I haven’t been snowmobiling since high school….and it was a very different experience back then. Different sled, maybe considered Vintage today! (Im dating myself) Bells and whistles absent back then. Just fun. It had a similar feel to riding a toboggan!

It was 1986, I was riding in the back seat with my sweetheart driving over the frozen lake at midnight…we were juniors in high school. I remember the feeling of wrapping my arms around his sexy waist. I was in love. Cruising at high speeds over the thick, snowy ice on the nearby lake. I was always a bit fearful we’d fall through! But I was in good hands. Minnesota winters are usually cold enough so the lakes have a couple feet of solid ice on top!

Well, Im no longer old school snowmobiling! Im riding in style with my sexy Butler and all his fancy gear. He has an awesome Yamaha cruiser sled with all the bells and whistles….heated seats, heated handgrips, defrost features in our helmets, etc……We ventured up to Grand Marais way up on the beautiful North Shore.  The scenery is breathtaking with high cliffs and sweeping views of the North Shore in every direction, iconic lake views of Superior surrounded by snow covered fir trees.  We had a romantic room with a view of Lake Superior and a jacuzzi to warm up in at night. Grand Marais is a quaint, clean little town with lots of shops, a Co-op for health conscious folks like myself. (I often have kale as a midnight snack), delicious restaurants and friendly people!

This is the view from our hotel room.

“How can you live in that frigid, barren place? Who in their right mind lives in Minnesota??”  I get that question often! But I love it here. Minnesota will always be my home. And I try to embrace the winter and appreciate the 4 seasons! Steamy, HOT summers, cold, white winters, picturesque autumns with perfect weather the entire season!

And if the winters get tedious at times, I just hop on a cruise ship to the Bahamas, which I am doing end of this month! Blog will follow!

I asked his permission to post this pic. 🙂 Im all bundled up looking like an Eskimo with my matching pink boots and helmet!



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