The SisterHood, My ASS!

Sisterhood is Powerful!  A catchphrase, a book title from the 60’s, when feminism was mostly about equal opportunity, equal pay, true autonomy for women.  Instead of being viewed as just an appendage to men,  women were uniting to support each other as individuals, and individuality was valued.  (Well, there were some radical/extremist feminists who maintained that if you didn’t follow their beliefs, you weren’t a feminist.  They pushed ideas such as this: that all women become lesbian, and that if you didn’t become a lesbian, you couldn’t truly be a feminist.  This meant, of course, that men couldn’t be feminists.)  There was lots of discussion about inclusivity, acceptance, empowerment.

We’ve come a long way, baby!  Feminism today seems to be more often about toeing the politically correct line, adhering to the “accepted” tenants of feminism, and becoming a non-autonomous cog in a trendy political movement.

And out on the fringes, a loud, screaming group of sex workers who self-identify as feminists, has taken over discussion boards and Twitter threads–intolerant of anyone stating a belief different from theirs, rejecting anyone’s autonomy but their own, rejecting anyone’s RIGHT to their own opinions and worldview, and instead establishing an “official” belief system from which you must NOT vary, or you will be vilified, attacked, belittled, shamed, demeaned, and marginalized.  (All the while proclaiming their “tolerance!”)  They are the rigid PC police.  God, are they annoying or what?  They don’t hesitate to send nasty emails.  And they are not nice when they descend on other women–they are predatory, ruthless, cruel, and uncaring,  all while keeping up the appearance of fighting for the least privileged….(the poor, downtrodden woman)  . . . yet that is exactly who they attack if that woman does not toe their line, or if she dares to disagree with their propaganda-like rhetoric. It seems to revert back to what feminists were fighting against in the first place: Men controlling women! But now it has evolved to women controlling other women . . . and if they can’t control?  They exclude and insult them! Loudly.

We could also make a huge case for how they bash men. Men cannot even compliment a woman anymore, or open a door for her, without her being offended.  Ive seen escorts proclaiming their hatred of men on their social media feeds.  First of all it’s unfair to put all men in the category of rapists, or bad guys who want to exploit women. Second, it feels counterproductive from a marketing standpoint! 

In my own case . . .  I have been attacked and vilified by strangers whom I have never met, women whom I have met and was friendly with at one point, and the assorted freaks and geeks you find on public forum. I am not a politically correct type. I’m not a movement joiner; I like to make my own way and come to my own conclusions.

And I have found, in my being willing to express my self instead of someone’s expectations of me, that support comes from the most unexpected places. I have connected with other women in my different lines of work, who share many of my political beliefs . . . and there are quite a few who quietly despise the radical feminist movement as well!  . . .  But they are afraid to voice this controversial thought! Women can be scary. And a radical, third-wave-feminist-movement type woman can be even scarier!

We can maintain ourselves as strong, independent women, without being militant, masculine feminists!!! After all, wasn’t this what feminism was all about in the first place–women being able to be themselves without fear of consequences just because they are being themselves . . . and not being ridiculed by others, especially their sisters.

Perhaps they just need to find SOME way to be a victim? Being a victim is SOOO trendy these days. But wait, I thought feminism was all about female POWER!? 

So, here I am. Just who I am, as I am.  And I’m happy to be me, and to be unique. I’m happy to stand up for what I believe in and be a strong voice cutting through the bullshit. I’m a woman and I’m feminine. There almost seems to be a sense that women believe they need to act less like a woman or less feminine to be a true feminist. We do not need to act like a man to appear strong. There is power is femininity that is very different from the strength of masculinity. And I believe we need both…the feminine and the masculine! We should not bash one to promote the other.

This meme below says it all.  Hey I’m all for sexy Sluts, but why be so angry about it? Why pretend that everyone is out to get you? They’re not. In fact, nobody really cares. Just do your thing and stop trying to bring attention to it. The more you shout and pout and march in the streets, the more people disrespect your message, and think you’re being annoyingly dramatic.  There is nothing wrong with “Slut Power,”  but when you make a scene, people tend not to listen to your message.  We do not need other peoples’ approval to do what we believe in. It seems to be all about the ever popular “I’m a victim” mentality that society these days has been so successful at promoting . . .

Sex sells. Let it sell. And let it sell the same way we ourselves SELL IT.  It’s OK to promote ourselves as sluts who have the right to do as we please sexually, right? Why then is it ok to for us sell sex and market our own sexuality, but broadcast and make issue when others use the female body to market their products? Especially when the models are willing participants. Why ever Slut-Shame? There is nothing wrong with the female form and there is nothing wrong with using it to market. It’s just sex. And it’s all consenting adults. It’s all a VERY large, confusing, frustrating, maddening, chaotic contradiction.  And it certainly doesn’t promote peace and love on the planet.

This stuff gets me all riled up . . . My mind rarely shuts down!

Luv Hilary xoxo

7 Responses to “The SisterHood, My ASS!”

  1. Steven Gilbert

    To borrow a phrase from my yoga yogi; “If your’re paying attention to the spandex, thong, yogi, body, …car, lawn, occupation, hairdo, interest(s), persuasion, passions next to you: You are not at YOUR center. Focus Inward (not outward.)”

  2. Dennnis

    extreme ideological rigidity leads to such ridiculous hypocrisy.
    and: you having amazing “quiet” slut power 😉

    • Dennnis

      upon further reflection I ought to have written: I admire your freedom to act wonderfully yet quietly from your deep inner slut!

  3. bobbodbbs

    The term is used a lot these days, but it really does explain a lot of human behavior. They call it virtue signaling. People have been doing it forever. Scoldy church ladies signal their virtue by scolding “sinners.” Well church ladies didn’t go away, they just became social justice warriors. Now they scold from that perspective all the while demonstrating their virtue. It’s actually amazing how much of public life centers around virtue signaling. Once you see it, you start seeing it everywhere.

  4. Rahul

    A thought provoking article! Feminism has been taken over by those who hate others who don’t agree with them!

  5. Daniel

    I once held a door for a woman. She said, “You don’t have to hold the door because I’m a woman”. I said, “I didn’t. I held it because you are old”.
    Just because someone has their own why of caring about others and navigating the world, doesn’t mean they are out to get you. If you FEEL you can claim otherwise, THAT is the ultimate privilege and prejudice. Love your message, Daniel


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