Photoshop and Escort Photos

Escort photos are probably one of the most important things a upscale escort can have on her website.  Good photos help clients know who they might be seeing, and there should be a lot of them if possible. Titillating and mildly seductive images can make clients want to contact you in a bad bad way!  That is why I have always had great photos on my website and also why I am constantly getting more taken.

Clients always wonder, are my pictures accurate?  Does she really look like her pics?

Well, I think I do.

I put a ton of effort into my health and fitness, and my pictures ARE very current.

Do I get a little retouching done on my photos?

Is there a little photoshop involved?

Well, you might think my response to that question would be, “a girl never tells”.

But I pride myself in my truthfulness and I do want my clients to get accurate impressions on how I look.

Every photographer knows that photos add or exacerbate any wrinkles, blemishes, shine or other imperfections….in fact, pictures do make us look WORSE than we do in real life!

I am sure you have also heard that the camera can add 10 pounds.

That is all true.

In fact, here is a video that shows the extreme things that photoshop and aggressive photo editing can do:

Here is another video:

………..and here is a funny one where they turn a model into a slice of pizza!

Because of the fact that photos can actually make you look worse, my professionally taken gallery photos ARE lightly retouched.

I should also let you know that professional photos take considerable time and expense to acquire.

Now you’re probably thinking, Dammit, she’s probably hideous!

Not To Worry, Wizardess Hilary is gonna pull back the curtain!

Below are four examples of photos before retouching and after light retouching.  I think you will agree that the “after” pics are better AND that they are still a fair representation of what I look like.

First “Before” Picture

IMG_6936 copy


First “After” Picture


Second “Before” Picture


Second “After” Picture

BUT she removed my MONROE piercing! Don’t mess with my piercings Hunny! My piercings are HOT! 😉



Here is another “Before” pic followed by an over-retouched “After” pic

NOTICE how the camera ADDED a tummy! Seriously! UGH

waist before

Bad Unrealistic “After” pic!  My waist is tiny, but not THAT tiny!

waist after

Here is the fourth set of before and after pictures.

BEFOREIMG_6805_zpsbe1b6dbdHere is the lightly retouched image.  I think that they both look good, and I hope you do too!



Here is the fifth set of before and after pictures.


IMG_1716 (1)

Here is the lightly retouched image.  I hope these examples give you a fairly good idea of what I look like in person!

IMG_1800 (1)

I hope that this post has brought some clarity to the accuracy of my pictures.  I think that I do look like my pics, and I hope you do too.  You can see more of my pics throughout my blog posts (some of those are iPhone pics and not photoshopped at all) and of course you can visit my Gallery and view my professional pictures HERE

If  you want to see me “in the flesh” and not just stare at my pictures, you must be verified.  You can fill out my verification form on my contact page HERE, or you can provide verification information by emailing me at