Outtakes! Pics that didn’t make the cut!

I want to take the opportunity to share with you what goes on behind the scenes in a photoshoot with Hilary Holiday!

Buggy, googly eyes often get the better of me.

These aren’t Bette Davis eyes!

Ooops! And you thought “Hilary NEVER takes a bad pic!” WRONG.

Series!: Woman in Motion

And just to clarify……

Wild Woman Emerges After Fall!

Or: I’m always getting caught mid-laugh/mid-word!

Or, the forced smile!

So now you know just how glamorous I can be!!

6 Responses to “Outtakes! Pics that didn’t make the cut!”

  1. Steven Gilbert

    The Girl with the Holiday Smile!

    …hillbilly smile?

    Holiday Smile!
    ( a gem. )

  2. Misskim

    I LOVE your website. BEAUTIFULLY done. Stunning photos. EVEN the outtakes.. I like the fact you are a REAL person and not too caught up on yourself that you are unable to show the real girl/woman you are. You are definitely a classy woman. I appreciate and admire other providers that hold themselves to a higher standard and is unapologetic about her expectations. We need MORE women like “Hilary Holiday” in this business. Id love to collaborate with you if you’re ever in SanDiego. I have a nice studio inside a professional medical plaza, with a shower and a guest room for friends to work in when they’re in my area. Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend. Blessings, Misskim aka KimberLove….(in Carlsbad Ca. )

  3. Joe

    So sorry to see you leave IG . You’re an amazing woman. Stunning, Sexy, & Sophisticated. An absolutely beautiful woman both inside and out. Best of luck in all you do! I’m your biggest fan no matter what!


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