My Loss is My Gain


I do LOVE nice guys; nice guys are truly MY GAIN. And honestly, most who contact me are respectful, kind, considerate, cooperative, and awesome guys!   But then there are the few, like Billy Boy above, who aren’t quite as lovable.  In fact, they might best be described as despicable!

They don’t truly appreciate me or the way I run my business. They don’t like it at all when I say, “Please re-read the ad you found me on, fill out my form and get verified. Follow my protocol Darling!” They get mad!  They act out verbally–they get abusive!

OMG these guys must think I’m desperate, looking for the next drug fix or pair of $500 heels or something ??  They watch too many movies. Hey, perhaps they’ve even watched American Courtesans. 😉 (Unfortunate film portraying us all as the dreaded stereotype, overcoming our struggles to be proud sex workers.)   Well, I am proud of what I do, and I won’t do just ANYTHING for the almighty, God-ordained dollar!

And hey Bigguy99, if I was “working with the cops”, don’t you think I would use a different name than the SAME ONE I was busted under 4 plus years ago?? Many men (blessed with the gift of common sense) see that I’m using the same name and realize, “Oh cool, She’s safe!”

But whatever…..I don’t see men who talk to me in this manner. I wish more girls would do the same.


Sorry guys, name calling and narcissism aren’t really something I am going to feel much of a LOSS about. 🙂 Business booms, and my standards don’t need to DROP to keep it going!

I have firm boundaries and the Universe rewards me greatly for respecting myself, not to mention, NOT enabling abuse. There is a reason these guys continue this behavior.



They quite often say, “Your loss!”  Well in this case, MY LOSS is TRULY my GAIN! 🙂 Total Whack Job. See below….and ABOVE! Same dude.



Oh yeah, can I PLEEEEZE get to know you better? Hey! Perhaps I could be the star of the next Dateline!

While I appreciate the “sincere apology”, my business is doing just fine without Mr. Andes. I won’t tolerate any amount of disrespect. I have high standards and love the guys I see because of it. I only see the creme de la creme. My life is good.

If you want to spend time with me, please grovel appropriately. I require ass kissing.

And if you threaten or wish harm on me, don’t assume you can apologize and everything will be forgiven! I stay far away from any hints of cognitive dissonance. I have already learned that difficult and humiliating lesson with Milton Maxwell Gardner! (See previous blog post. Tony Gardner-bad guy)

So, if you are a prospective client, and don’t like divulging the info I require, just move along. But please be aware, cops will NEVER ask you for ANY info….they just say “Come on over!”. Cops don’t screen or verify in any way. So if you are more comfortable with a lady who requires no screening, beware. They get ALL your info AFTER you’re in handcuffs! 😉

There is no approach that will convince me to violate my own boundaries. You’re not going to get into my heart or bed with this kind of message.  Calling me names, and stating that it is MY LOSS only confirms for me that I need a good verification process.  And if it is MY LOSS, then it quickly becomes MY GAIN, because you have shown me that you are NOT the kind of client I want.


3 Responses to “My Loss is My Gain”

  1. Bobb Dobbs

    Totally unrelated to your post, but you disappeared from Twitter. Why? I enjoyed your tweets.

  2. Bob D

    Treating any woman like a lady is a genetic outcome.
    How a young man is raised will dictate those outcomes.

  3. Pete

    One only needs to read a few sections of this blog to realize you are dealing with an extraordinaire woman. Wow.


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