Minneapolis GFE Escort

Hi!  I’m Hilary Holiday, and I’m a Minneapolis-based Professional Companion.  I’ve moved out of my downtown location–way too much of a hassle–and am now located in a nice apartment in a suburb, with all the amenities available for your comfort and ease.

Do you need a break?  Need something new in your life?  Do you want to spend time with someone who focuses on you, and on what you need?  Do you need a Holiday from your Ho-Hum world, or just want to add that extra that has been missing from your life?

Do you want to spend time with a woman of beauty and sensuality; a woman who takes care of herself; a woman who cares about making you happy that you’ve made the choice you have?  Do you want to share the experience you’ve been craving with a woman whose focus is solely on providing you with that experience?  Our time will be something unforgettable, and a memory you’ll cherish over and over and over . . .

I’m in my upper 40s, but I don’t look or act my age.  I eat well, work out often, and have a toned, slender body (just look at all the great, recent pictures in my gallery and on the pages of this site), a woman who looks great in just about anything you’d like to see me in on our date–whether we’re out on the town, out at a coffee shop, a movie, a fine restaurant. or a hamburger dive!  . . . a party, a museum, a boat!  . . . Inside, my place or yours . . .  I’ll even visit you in your sweetest dreams!

Join me in creating just the mood you desire! My goal is to make you feel comfortable, at ease during our time together . . .  and to show you just how much you can enjoy being a man with the right woman!


I’m very accepting of all people, open -minded, kind, and perhaps a little “old school.”  Let’s be real for a minute–I’ve noticed the hatred out there. So many women in my industry seem to hate men??  How is this good marketing? And how is this even the right line of work for them? They seem to hate men, and truly believe men are against them on some level.

I have never met a man (and I’ve met many!) who wished for women to be treated as “less than”. . . or who  had a desire for women to have fewer rights. It’s just not reality. Most men want equality across the board and most men want women to be happy. So this “We are victims!” nonsense is just that–NONSENSE! I enjoy what I do and I enjoy men! Including the dreaded “white man.”

As a woman, I feel very privileged in every area of life! And I definitely have an edge when it comes to experiencing the “benefits of life!”  So perhaps we should focus on being thankful for our many blessings, and on CREATING the experience you’ve been longing for with a REAL woman!!

I love men!!!

And I love a man who believes that the way into a woman’s heart, mind, soul, and body is to offer chivalry.  And cash!  😉

I do require you to complete a semi-strict verification. Please only contact me if you are willing and able to meet my screening requirements.  You can fill out the form here on my Website. 

And PLEASE: No phone calls!  I do not see guys under 35! NO smokers.  Please!    



Upscale GFE Escort Services Only

 My services include EROTICA, companionship,  and conversation ONLY.  This IS NOT prostitution–it is an Elite Escort Service! My rates are based on TIME SPENT TOGETHER only. My rates are NOT based on activities. I do NOT sell sex. That is illegal folks.

My hours are 10am to 7pm. At times I can deviate from those hours, but after 7pm is a higher rate.


Please fill out my verification form!  Let’s spend some time together!  I look forward to making that time something you’ll remember, ALWAYS!!!