Mentorship services (Currently unavailable for this service until further notice)


When I first began my escorting career, I searched for a mentor. I looked on Eros and other websites that were fairly big at the time and reached out to women to see if they offered this service. Most did not respond, thinking of me as competition I suppose.

Eventually, I did find someone, but she seemed to only want to offer me to her current clients for a cut of my earnings! I did this for a while and it was very uncomfortable for me. Many of her clients were quite scary.  I really didn’t learn anything, other than “Hilary, you can’t charge that much! Men simply will not pay over 150 for an hour.” 

I was of the mindset that if I charged more, I may get a better clientele! You know, like filter out the riffraff. She thought that was ridiculous. And I was new and green, so I put my head down and followed her advice. 

Many of us start out on this venture very alone and a little bit lost. Trust me, there is a huge learning curve…..well, there certainly was for me. I would’ve love to have had some help and guidance from someone well established in the business! And I would have gladly paid top dollar for their time and expertise. But back when I started there was no one around (other than pimps).

So that’s what I’d like to offer others! Whether you are just starting out, or if you simply feel stuck, want someone to talk to, or bounce ideas off of, need some direction, talk shop, or just need advice in a challenging situation. 


Ive dealt with a wide variety of issues, big and small over the course of my 13 plus years in the business. Everything from finding a good photographer, how to screen successfully, how to be successful outside of the “establishment (aka TER and P411), how to search for the perfect spot for entertaining, what to charge, how to market, how to set good boundaries, paying taxes, what to say in an ad, to how to deal with stigma, online harassment, and YES, arrest and publicity. I’d love to help you navigate through the sometimes difficult and crazy aspects of this business. Something I had to do very much alone, through my entire career. And even though this is a business we all do independently and our own way, nobody wants to feel completely isolated.

We can meet at your place, my place, a coffee shop, or any place you choose! 

2 hours/400

2 hours every week for a month/1200

These rates include me being available via email or text on an as needed basis.