Meet Karen

I’m a big fan of rats! If you don’t like rats, you don’t know rats! Rats are social, loving animals with big, adorable personalities.

Did you know that I’m even named after a rat?! Yes, about 15 years ago, I had a wonderful rat named Holiday! And that is how I came up with my name! 🙂 Karen says Hello!

Karen and Baby. Baby recently passed away 🙁

She loves to cuddle up in pockets!

Karen loves to play in my panties!

Karen loves her gluten free spaghetti!

Peg is often annoyed with Karen’s dominant personality.

BFFs – Ginger and Karen

Karen enjoying her favorite TV show

Rats love people! And they just wanna snuggle

Rats love being loved!

I have a feeling you didn’t know how awesome rats are! Well, now you do!







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