It’s NOT Whorearchy!

There’s this recent word being used in our industry – “whorearchy” – which is used to attack those who try to differentiate themselves and simply MARKET their product. There’s an unspoken rule that we are supposed to all be the same and have the same values and the same approach to running our businesses. In any competitive business, no matter how great your product may be, you need to draw attention to it, you need to find a way to stand out! That is what marketing and advertising is! But for some reason in this specific industry, we are called to task for attempting to stand out in any way.  We are publically shamed for saying anything that portrays us as being better than someone else. We are supposed to conform or be accused of putting others (who are deemed to be “less than”?) down. 

Even those engaged in non-conformist activity DEMAND conformity!!  If I choose to advertise in a way that the politically correct group/tribe/community deems to be unacceptable, they shout “Whorearchy!!!” and there are plenty who will jump on that bandwagon! (herd behavior) I’m not the only one who experiences this, but I only speak for myself here. 

What does this look like?  If I were to refer to myself as low-volume or elite, or upscale or classy!…….or maybe a “pale MILF from the north country” (smiley face)….. or how about “I have a thin, athletic, hard body”, or I know how to look classy in public, or I like to keep our interactions discreet, discrete, and private (a slam to strippers on a stage?)…..all of these words or phrases are marketing/advertising strategies, not an attempt to place myself higher or better than anyone else on the “whorearchial” ladder.  Every business  tries to stand out and catch the attention of potential clients looking for something specific and special. It’s a free market after all and I get to develop my advertising as I want it to be! This is, in the truest sense, self promotion and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I am a companion who practices Capitalism, not Communism! 

I prefer not to call myself or be called a sex worker or whore or Hoe. I am an escort and a companion. I do not sell sex. That is illegal in most places and this puts clients and myself at risk. For instance, I do not like to say phrases such as, “I love getting fucked!”…..and I do not discuss sex on my website or advertising platforms. I prefer to offer something more luxurious, mystical, and to present an air of mystery! My presentation of myself and my services should in no way take away from any other girls. We are all independents! The way I operate has zero to do with how anybody else chooses to operate! 

If someone wants to define that as “whorearchial”, fine! Calling me names or putting labels on marketing choices will not change the fact that we all have our own niche to fill. It is ok to be different. And this is not “whorearchy”, nor is it taking away from girls who choose to market differently than I do. We are all individuals and get to operate our businesses our own individual ways. We can market ourselves without being thought of as attacking or demeaning others. 

Keeping with this, I’m happy to receive your money for the services I DO provide.  After all, it’s the American way!!!!    

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  1. David Cabell

    Can guys who think they are white supremists join your Whorearchy or are they limited to
    randomly choosing any escort.


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