Im Not Fancy

So, yeah, for SEO purposes, I must use these words…..ELITE, UPSCALE, EXCLUSIVE….you know, all that annoying, arrogant sounding marketing lingo?? Often times when guys are searching the internet, trying to find someone like me, they type in these words. Therefore I have them scattered throughout my site. This does not mean I’m a snob! I’m sooooo not. I’m a complete dork! You know this! In fact, when my web guy was not looking, I removed many of the key words. Shh…

I recently re read my Travel/Fly Me To You page and wow, it was horrible. It portrayed me as an elitist!! I would never demand first class travel or to be treated like royalty. Y’all must have read it and thought “GIRL, get over yourself…please!” I fixed it. I cannot promise you that more of those pesky, arrogant little words won’t show up on my site again….but if they do, just KNOW, I didn’t do it!

Please understand guys, I am VERY real and down to earth. I like the simple things in life. I do not need fancy dinners and fine wine every night. A simple turkey sandwich and an iced tea is just fine! And I do not long to be arm candy at your “exclusive business outings”(an odd phrase on my travel page that I promptly removed!), whatever those are!!? Sitting next to you, near a romantic, cozy fire at your home is much more fun! I do not need to spend days at the spa or go on a high end shopping spree on your dime!! Let’s just go to the consignment shop cuz I always forget so much stuff when we travel! And the weather is not at all like I planned on……..2nd hand is my favorite!

Let’s just go to the coffee shop, ok? I love Sumatra….rich dark coffee is my addiction of choice. Or maybe out for pizza? And how about a movie afterwards? Or perhaps hanging out in a park, people watching…..maybe a picnic!? I’d wear my Daisy Dukes!  We could go work out at the gym and I’d wear my yoga pants! We could go hiking or just for a nice walk. I’d wear my jeans and tennies!

The true way to my heart though?? I LOVE food. Healthy food. My personal trainer demands I eat 80 grams per day…(as a former vegan, that’s HARD to do!) I eat a lot of it. Tons! So feed me! But please know that I can find healthy options in ANY restaurant. I don’t need fancy schmancy.

Have no fear! I’m not a man-hating feminist either. I’m not a cry baby or a victim of the dreaded “white man”, or any color of man for that matter……no that’s not me.

She looks like a fun date, huh??

I’m a simple, Midwestern girl! I’m pretty happy-go-lucky and I definitely appreciate a nice guy who just wants to hang out and talk about philosophy, life, the wonders of the universe. Yeah I like men. And I’ve seen many men get the raw end of the deal in life while their wives or x wives, or even their greedy girlfriends take them for almost everything they have. But wait, that flies in the face of the “women have no rights” narrative! Sorry! They have the same rights as men, here in the US of A!

So, take me away guys! Let’s put on our jeans and have some low maintenance FUN!

Minneapolis Elite, Upscale, Exclusive, VERY Fancy Escort…….

4 Responses to “Im Not Fancy”

  1. Al

    Well said. For those who have not had the chance to meet Hilary yet, she speaks the truth. Very down to earth and a wonderful person to be around.

  2. Jordan Carter

    You always have great topics and an unfiltered, no-nonsense voice in your posts. The topics are always relevant & im sure cures the curiosity of your online visitors. I came to your site to find another post and had to drop a note saying this one is simply dope!

  3. David Cabell

    There are women people talk about and there are women people write about but you are the woman I think about.

  4. Joe

    How can I not fall in love with you after reading this? You’re the perfect woman! The woman of my dreams. YOU are my bucket list….I have to meet you one day! ♥️❤️♥️😘


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