Goodbye Bangs–An Update:

My bangs are growing out! They were fun while they lasted, but I can’t help but think the bang look is not quite as sexy as the NO bang look. Now, these are crappy cell phone pics, so bear with me! I will begin by showing a NO bang pic….a candid taken by my webguy…my boobs and my hair are looking sexy! Gotta go back to the old look! The liquor bottles and glassware behind me give it just the right amount of sparkle! It was winter time (Jan 17)and my hair was darker red.

So, bangs or no bangs guys? What is your preference? Here’s another seductive boob shot! Oh wait…we were talking about bangs!


Here is a cell phone shot just a few days ago….just out of the shower! Bangs growing out. Hair bleached blonde from the summer sun! Not a great shot, but hey it’s a cell phone pic!! Give a girl a break!

Of course, a woman reserves her right to modify her appearance as she desires.

There always needs to be a sense of adventure and mystery when spending time with me!–what sexy outfit will I be wearing, what will my mood be today, will I be wearing my glasses, what will my hair look like? And the biggest question of all, cleavage?? 🙂 Everybody loves cleavage!


Hair grows–it’s a reality. The bang look was ok while it lasted, but I didn’t feel sexy, just felt too trendy. And it’s easy to fix–yes, again, hair grows!! And it’s fun–gotta keep the guys guessing a little!!! Gone yesterday, hair today!!!



“In the car”pic! Heading to Ruth’s Chris with a friend.

Unedited pic above, by Natalie Champa Jennings, a great local photographer.

Me talking to a friend on a lovely Uptown patio! I talk a lot sometimes.

Out for dinner last night in a nice place, with one of my favorite guys!  Drinking Farrari Carano Fume Blanc. We are going to Napa soon! Im holding you to that, My Friend!

black and white bangs below

And in living color!!! See how long they’re getting? Almost in my eyes…

Im a great kisser, by the way!


Luscious hippy boobs, anyone?




That’s all, folks!



6 Responses to “Goodbye Bangs–An Update:”

  1. Rahul

    Only someone as truly beautiful both outside and inside would still look as beautiful as you do in some of these candid shots! Love these pictures!!

  2. Steven Gilbert

    Red heads, Yumm.
    Bangs, wet after skin diving, Yumm.
    Lucious Hippy Boobs, Yumm in any hairstyle …also great names for family pets.

    Ten kisses, starting on the cheek. Yumm!


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