It’s not my style to have a GIFTS page, but guys ask. The guys want a gift page! I find it VERY presumptuous to assume you need to buy me gifts. You don’t! But if you MUST……


*AMAZON gift cards…Amazon has everything! And it has a monopoly on the market. Can you believe the stock is at 900 bucks????!

*Urban Outfitter gift cards (my favorite place to buy clothes cuz I’m sorta into the Bohemian/hippy look!)

*Sephora gift cards (my favorite place to buy makeup!)

*Target gift cards (everybody loves Target!)

*I love candles! I always have candles burning to create the perfect mood for us!

*I rarely buy stockings for myself, as Im sortof a barefoot hippy type gal, so if you’d like me to wear some, please bring me a pair and I will indulge you. I wear a small/medium on the bottom….and 34DDD on the top!

*I love anything spiritual, like ANGELS, Buddhas, Crystals, Tarot cards! And anything ZEN!

*Food! I love food (FOODY!!) and gift cards to a restaurant are fun….or just bring along some wine and cheese, chocolate, or fruit for us to enjoy together!

*I’m not incredibly picky, so just surprise me if you’d like!

*Dont bring flowers please! They are kind of messy!…and don’t last long!…..just sayin….but you can if you want to….it’s ok, really. One guy recently brought me a beautiful metal rose that he made himself! Not messy at all! 🙂