Explaining ME!

Have you noticed–I LOVE memes! Well, there are a few in this blog–it just makes it easier to get the point across quickly and accurately, at the same time adding a touch of FUN to describe myself.

So, explaining ME! – I’m not scary! I’m not overly gentle and soft either…. I’m real and logical. I demand common sense and logic in everything I encounter. I’m always trying to figure things out and make sense out of them. I’m kind and I care a lot about others, but can come across as arrogant and maybe even a bit cold via email or in my blog, or even in person. But when you’re with me one on one, and you’ve been screened and pass my simple tests, my softer side will come out. I’m very into you! (On every level!)  I give you my all.  And I’m truly interested in YOU….what makes you tick? what makes you happy?

I have been thought of as naive and have allowed men and women into my life who end up doing me harm. Often times, I’ve been so busy trying to “make sense” out of a crazy person, I neglect to pay much attention to the crazy part of them. I am aware of it though…. just busy analyzing it. They can end up doing me harm while I’m unconsciously busy trying to solve them!

People often wonder why psychos are attracted to me!

I am NOT going to go along with the crowd. I will have NOTHING to do with “groupthink.”  If the majority blindly believe it, I just won’t. If the crowd is following it, if the media is pushing it, if the news is blatantly bias in it’s reporting!….IT becomes a red flag, and I seek to find the true reason or answer. And my brain goes automatically toward deconstructing/rebuilding this idea(propaganda) and thought process in order to make sense of it. I’m all about insightful observations, original ideas, formidable logic and rationality. Often times if I don’t check myself, I push to change things with sheer willpower and force of personality. Sometimes I need to just calm the fuck down!



Contacting me — I know that guys can feel very anxious and intimidated when contacting me, whether it’s their first time ever, or just their first time with me and they’re intimidated by my seemingly over the top, strong personality. I get it. I can come across as aloof, arrogant, self confident. I tend to apply a sense of perfectionism and even morality to everything I do, especially my work……I do it with trading, with housecleaning, or even feeding my pets. And when I’m doing anything, I am going to do it RIGHT! In fact, I’m going to do it THE BEST.  But the good thing about this quality is that I believe in giving you MY BEST and I believe you deserve my best!

So you might be worried that, even after filling out my contact form, you’ll still be rejected. You may feel overweight, or “ugly,” “boring”, or that you’re just “not good enough” in some way.

Or you might have heard rumors that have made you uncomfortable. Or you might have simply formed an incorrect picture of my personality. Whatever the case….

If you’ve passed verification, I will invite you to spend time with me, to enjoy my companionship, to come to a place where you won’t be judged, and the focus will be on you….And I truly AM interested in you. You become my focus. I enjoy hearing about the work you do and just who you are, your personality! People fascinate me. And even if we have different views on things, I still enjoy you! Because I can see the heart of people. I look for the heart, in fact. And I always focus on the common ground we do share! I believe we are all more similar than we are different.

I like to try to get you to open up, but I certainly don’t force it if that’s not what you want to do. It’s ok to talk openly to me and be yourself. You can say anything! I want you to be comfortable being yourself around me, and take down that protective wall we all put up around ourselves.

. . .   Don’t worry: I’m not scary! I’m not mean, I’m not cold when you’re one on one with me!  I’m a woman who’s been told she’s sexy and accepting,  fun and giving, safe and inviting.  And I’m a little goofy.  But you all know this….  I do not need to clarify the fact that I’m a little weird! I’m a unicorn, ok, ok……  Many meet me and remind me that they’ve never met anyone like me (gee thanks)….  I have a unique world view. I’m not at all worried about fitting in. In fact, I like to stand out….I like to be outside of the group. I am totally ok standing alone. Friends are great! But I will not sacrifice who I am to have them in my life.

My unconscious goal when I’m with you is to be your friend and to let you know how valuable you are! After spending time with me and developing a connection with me, many men have improved their lives…. for instance, losing weight! Feeling motivated from the boost of being with someone who cares, so many guys have begun working out! One of my favorite guys recently lost 40 pounds yay! Several have gotten that much needed divorce they’ve been afraid to pursue. I’m not saying that I TELL them to do either of these things! But I have a way of helping a person remember their worth.

I’m solution oriented, so if I’m giving unsolicited advice, just tell me to shut up! But I long to find solutions, original ideas and share them. I’ve been through a lot of difficult times in my life and I can relate! If there’s a block in your road, I’m going to try to figure out a way around it…….

Even though I’m running a business and there’s a money exchange for my time, I truly care about everyone I spend time with.

Side note —- Be aware that I’m a “get to the point” kinda gal and small talk, pleasantries, social rituals tend to annoy me (typical of an INTJ as well!) Don’t take this personally! I’m really a soft heart underneath it all! But ewwww those texts saying, “Did you have a good weekend?” or “how are you?” (I just can’t deal!) I usually respond “blah blah”….That’s just me, an INTJ! 🙂 Conversation must have a point! I can’t help myself. 😉

Despite all of this,  if you’re feeling intimidated, or worried, about contacting me: Don’t be. Just because I appear to be intimidating, quirky, judgy, doesn’t mean I’m not terribly fond of you! I promise you’ll find me entertaining, enthusiastic, fun, down to earth, all that you hoped for and more!

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  1. Lee

    I have read many of your posts. I did contact you but am taking my time to respond as it is the first time for me and a little intimidating. However, I enjoy your posts and it helps me get to know you a little better. I honestly think you and I would get along great. I just need a little time. Do not want to waste your time. Lee


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