Don’t fall in love! ;-)

Ok I realize that the front page of my website and many of my ads say, “Prepare to fall in love!” (Im changing that now!) But despite all that poetic marketing nonsense….change that LOVE to LUST. Lust is good. Love is over rated. I am not selling LOVE, after all! 

Strange how such a simple pleasure can get so fucked up sometimes! Falling in love happens….I get that and I do not fault you for it. Who can control matters of the heart?? But it’s about how you behave afterwards…..

Over the years, Ive had some client friends who fall in love….these guys tend to get very possessive and lose all sense of reality. They assume that because we just had amazing, passionate sex, Im ready to jump into a relationship with them. They assume I WANT to go on a romantic, candle lit dinner, off the clock. They assume I want to spend the night at their hotel…because the SEX WAS GREAT and let’s do it again!…. all night long!  What? You just had an amazing orgasm Hilary, so of course we can now fall in love and run away together! Just yesterday this happened with 2 different guys. Two in one day is more than I can bear and it prompts me to go to my blog and write. And vent! It’s terribly wearisome when men forget or ignore the boundary. You’re so much like my sister, or you have to meet my mom! Or “Come up to my cabin, you’ll love it there! When can you take some time off???” (that means he’s not going to pay me for my services)

Guys, can we just enjoy passion in the moment? Nothing more? Im not trying to be mean, but you must be realistic!  

One guy was SURE that I glared at him when his wife called while we were together! Ummm no. Not at all. Never. Im not a fatal attraction. And that my recommending a certain wholistic doctor for his injury must mean more than simple friendship. Again, ummm no. I can be a bit nurturing at times, but that’s just my personality. Or because Im concerned about the way his wife abuses him, I must be falling for him and subsequently want him to leave his wife so I can move in! Ummm, no. I like my own home, thanks tho. Several guys have gotten angry with me for seeing other clients. Needless to say, they were very wealthy and used to getting their way, but unwilling to pay my rate to see me 24/7! Or even 12/5 or 8/3 for that matter! 

Recently I had a guy DEMANDING I tell him if I had a boyfriend or husband!! (cringe) A while back, I had a former client sobbing loudly, begging, snot everywhere! That is some romantic BS to the Nth degree!! With a provider, no less. It’s just awkward. I am not at all flattered. In fact, I feel horrible. I’m here to make you feel GOOD, not miserable! 

Guys, this is an escape into a more erotic reality….but there is a time limit! Let’s just have fun during the limited time we have together. It’s fun and it’s great, but it isn’t the normal state of things.

Men can be a tad needy in this department…’s actually the number 1 reason I lose clients. Please don’t fall in love with me! Or if you do, please don’t talk to me about it. Behave yourself and maintain your dignity. And don’t hire a PI to find out things about my personal life. RUDE. That level of desperation is quite UNattractive to say the least.

Im good at providing you with an amazing FANTASY experience. I will make it feel REAL. So real that you may even forget to leave the envelope after it’s over….

But you have to go home or go back to your hotel after our time is over…. It’s not real. It’s a fabulous service that you can cherish and dream about to your hearts content…and you can even contact me again. You can set up another time with me and we can book another couple hours of fantasy!

Escorting is my work. It is not real life, it’s a fantasy! I enjoy my work, but it’s a SERVICE. Please please remember that.  So, although I care deeply about many of my clients, and greatly enjoy my time with them, I’m not in love with them. I may even have a real life outside of my work and I’m in NO WAY obligated to discuss that with anyone. Nobody has the right to know about my personal stuff. I can even lie about it…..cuz it’s none of your fucking business!   Please keep the boundary in mind at all times and let’s get lost in the fantasy for a couple hours! That way we can both be free to enjoy ourselves much more!

My favorite clients are those who understand the boundary well and even WANT the boundary for themselves. They hire me because they know I’m providing a service and they want that separation from real life. They come to see me because they know I won’t fall in love or demand more from them than they are able to give. So….here’s sending love & hugs & kisses to all you guys who….you know… me to LEAVE! 


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  1. Dennnis

    Well said! I’ve been seeing SW’s for over a decade, and while early on in the process, I used to allow myself to start personalizing our “relationships,” and to convince myself there was something special, personal, and different about what I “had” with any given SW, I soon figured out that that took away from my being able to enjoy the very experience I was paying to enjoy. And so, sometimes reluctantly, I had to acknowledge that there is something special about the SW/client relationship, but that it had to do with boundaries and control, not how special the “personal” relationship was. SW’s provide a service, an experience that is both very intimate and very professional. Clients benefit by acknowledging to themselves, when the experience is done, that the experience was based upon their paying for it. In other words, don’t delude yourself into believing you have a “real” relationship with a SW, one that the SW doesn’t have with anyone else, and that this entitles you to special treatment. It doesn’t. If a SW treats you in a special way during sessions, and maybe between sessions, it is part of a professional service and experience, not the sure signs that there is a love relationship a blooming, and it is time to go shopping for a ring!

  2. Anonymous

    Not sure I like you referring to yourself in the Richard Gere/Julia Roberts photo as a “prostitute”. You are an extremely beautiful, smart and engaging woman. You exude class and style. You can talk about almost any subject and are almost every man’s dream girl. The fact that I can have that and bask in your presence for an hour is truly a gift.

  3. Steven Gilbert

    There , when the heart sings and smile beckons, the journey with Hilary, or any mature SW begins. Intuition and our better angels surround this timeless visit.It Is Real!
    To perhaps cherish and know this meeting was planned but the outcome a effortless blissful connection, well James Brown sang it best; “I Feel Good!”

    And the first time you swam under water, the bliss and soaring, magnificent, but you’ve got to come up for air or you’ll drown.
    So, you take that loving smile, and the collection of moments shared and journey on. Be here now, yet you know there now exsists a back page or two with cherished events stored.
    So swim on …love the one you’re with… and perhaps departing this Holiday, Ms. Holiday, with heartfelt cheer,
    sing as Roy and Dale did,
    “Happy Trails to you, until we meet again…”


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