Defying the Stereotype!

Girls like me just want expensive gifts, free travel and vacations, fancy meals, high-priced wine, lingerie, days at the spa, stuff stuff stuff. We beg for STUFF openly on Twitter! We’re venal.  We’re money-grubbers.  We’re only in it for the money and if the price is right, we’ll DO IT!! We want to control everything.  We’re always late.  We’re unorganized and have ZERO business sense!  We’re insincere.  We’re sluts!  We’ll fuck anyone and anything! We love sex, it fills the gaping void we have from childhood abuse!…..and it doesn’t matter who it is with!  Or we hate sex, hate to fuck, hate to give blow jobs, hate our clients, are disgusted by them.  Escorts are self absorbed. We are all really lesbians.  We hate men, and have our own stereotypes about our clients.  We are narcissists, completely filled with ourselves and how great and sexy we are.  We love constant attention.  We’re liars, cheaters, thieves.  Drug addicts!!!  We’re desperate.  We will go anywhere with ANYONE at anytime! We don’t know how to do anything but lay on our backs and spread our legs. We’re high school drop outs–uneducated.  We’re dumb!  (Feel free to add your own stereotypes here–we all have them, burning away in our brains.)

And sure, some of the stereotypes are true, for some of the providers.  A  quick look at provider accounts on Twitter or other social media will show you women sharing some lovely greedy thought such as this: “I just saw the most wonderful $1200 pair of shoes–who’s going to buy them for me?”  Or “Lifetime Skype–$20/month.”  Or “I need a vacation–who’s gonna send me a ticket and book me a hotel?”  “Want to give a great tip?  Pay for my photo shoot!” Or “Dam my car broke down…who’s gonna pay to fix it for me??”  It’s quite normal for ladies to ask for cars, computers, grand pianos, purses or shoes, and even basic living necessities,  with price tags into the thousands. Often times, requests like these can make a guy feel inferior if he doesn’t have the means to give.

Some steal from clients. He goes into the bathroom and she goes into his wallet. Or those girls who, upon arrival, say they need to run out to their car to grab something real quick, but take the money first! And of course they don’t come back. Over the years, Ive had several girls take advantage of me and even steal from me to support a drug habit. Sad, sad stereotypes that affect all of us who do this work. But the stereotypes are there for a reason!

I recently had a wonderful, (wealthy) client who told me that My Gift Page is what prompted him to contact me. He often sees escorts who beg for CARS, because they know he has money…..that bugs him. It bugs me too! Seriously. I’m ashamed, because they make us all look bad! But that’s just me. And I get to be me on my blog.

Take note of my GIFTS page please! I ask only for Target gift cards, candles or wine, fruit and chocolate, or perhaps some Tarot cards!) And I only created a Gift page because several clients asked me to. You do not ever need to bring me anything above and beyond my rate. It’s just not my thing to beg for shit.

Girls, have some dignity! All this begging and demanding shows a misplaced sense of desperation and a very inflated sense of entitlement. We do not need to portray ourselves as desperate, poor, shallow, or broke to get business. Now, its not bad or wrong to be poor or broke, but it’s not good to announce it! That’s very bad marketing in my opinion. And it’s not going to draw in clients.

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Pay for this, pay for that!! Or I won’t even talk to  you!!!  Pay up if you want to follow me on Twitter! Don’t dare to DM me unless it means money for me! As if they can’t accept the idea that doing business has costs!  Or as if they have no concept of being responsible for themselves–anything they might want or need in their lives leads immediately to an attempt to get some MAN to provide it: “I guess I’m not sexy enough for anyone to buy me this.” Poor poor pitiful me!!! Maybe it’s a feminist thing…the new Feminist Approach to doing business!

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I am a different kind of Minneapolis Escort.

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But then there are those of us who are more genuine, who aren’t just all about the money or material things, who don’t fit any (or at least not many) of the stereotypes out there about providers.  Sure, we get paid nicely for our work, but it is not ALL about the pay.  I enjoy company, companionship, interaction, intimacy, conversation, sharing, getting to know someone, even if it only just one time, for one hour.  (Although most of us enjoy our return customers, and like building relationships within the context of the work.)  I won’t try to guilt you into buying me new computers, or new cars, or over-priced lingerie….ummm or my RENT.  I realize that I’ve made a contract with you: X amount of $ from you, X amount of time with me.  I realize that not everyone I see is rich, and I’m not going to try to beg, or use guilt and shame you into spending more money than you can afford.  In fact, I want to give you your money’s worth!!!  I take pride in my work; I strive to provide a great return on a great investment; I put time and energy and imagination into trying to make your experience the best it can be.  (And better the next time we get together!!!)

I truly enjoy what I do. I am on time. I don’t use drugs. I do not have the word HOE tattooed across my abdomen (yes, I’ve seen that). Or ask you to “take your dick out” upon entering my place (yes, I hear stories like that as well!).  A very “mechanical”, “get it over with” way of doing business. I am not going to try to rush you so I can just LEAVE! These girls are oblivious to the fact that a guy wants more than a “blow up doll” experience. He’s a human being with feelings!

I want to find a connection and a common ground with my clients and I want to make YOU feel good. I understand that you have needs and they are more than purely physical. It’s not all about me. It’s about YOUR experience. It’s about OUR experience and finding that awesome connection with a fellow human being who longs for touch, kindness and friendship. And that is the NEW stereotype I want to embrace/follow/create! xo