Brave Face?


While I certainly appreciate the opportunity to speak out about some of the issues SW’s face in their professional lives, and overall I am happy with the way this article addresses one of those issues (showing your face in various advertising forums), there are a few things that disturbed me.

1) Taken out of context, some of my quotes seem a tad bit . . . arrogant, or as if I am bragging. Whether or not I had a hot tub in my yard (which I do not!), or how much money I make (which was also not accurate!), my main point in agreeing to be interviewed was to share my experience of starting out in this business afraid to be known or exposed, and then finding, after being exposed, that it was not at all the nightmare I had feared it would be.

2) Escorting is not illegal; prostitution is (still) illegal. I do not charge for sex. I charge for my companionship, and in my opinion, showing my face in my advertising is no more than being fair to prospective clients, and following a practice that I have found to be good for business.

3) The comparison between the “400/hr escorts” and the “marginalized prostitutes” seems to me to further “marginalize” those escorts who, for whatever reasons, would rather not charge a higher hourly rate for their company. I believe we need more unity across the board in our profession, not more splintering or marginalizing.

4) Any statements I made about online comments regarding my appearance were in reference to the trolls who lurk on the boards and perhaps some jealous competitors. I chose to respond to these trollish comments about my appearance by offering evidence that they were wrong–“Fuck you, guys! I love the way I look!” And everything followed from that.

5) Either the writing or the editing of the article makes me appear “ditzy”…..a twitter follower just confirmed this! I really feel the journalist did not capture the true ME at all and the article made me appear like a materialistic, shallow hooker!! 🙂 Oh well, lesson learned! Never talk casually with a reporter. They will twist for their own angle, no matter how eloquent and intelligent you think you sound at the time! Anyone who’s met me knows I do not sit around and brag about my income and imaginary hot tubs in my yard, nor do I boast about fabulous trips Ive gone on with my family!

I appreciate the article, I appreciate the fact that I was given a forum in which to speak out, and, given the normal, unbalanced, and shitty mainstream news approach to SW’s, it was an opportunity to have my voice heard. The more platforms like NEWSWEEK open up the discussions, the more likely an avenue to decriminalization will appear.

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  1. Adrienne Baptiste


    You are very brave and I commend you for sharing your decision on showing your face as it echoes my experience as well. Nonetheless, everyone is entitled to express themselves through free speech. We have seen how the media has negatively propagated all avenues of sex work, and I feel that each story is a step towards defeating that stigma.

    Whilst I do not agree with the fact that the article was published without my, nor the consent of other ladies who’s social media accounts were featured in the interview, I am still appreciative of light that continues to be shed on #sexwork. Nonetheless, I stand in solidarity with those who are not ashamed of showing their face and having a voice.

    Adrienne Baptiste


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