Awesome Comment: A Man’s Struggle With TER

IMG_3151I recently received this comment for my blog post The “TER” Question.  I thought it was so on-point that I should share it as a stand alone blog post.  This comment vividly shows how men have struggled with toxic social environment that TER allows and even facilitates.  It also shows how men have a hard time getting “de-listed” when they want to avoid all of the TER Drama.  Enjoy:

I was once an active member of the board, and in fact I was present during the time that you were building your business up, I had even approached you, inquiring about a spending time with you. ( My identity shall not be offered in this public blog, however you would know who I am, if I were to share my former handle. )
Sadly, the demand for you was so great, that you were not in a position to fit me into the schedule, and Yes, I know it for a fact, You were the most sought after date of all of the many providers. That is why others hated you, cause they could not compete !

Just as I observed you getting the negative nasty treatment, I too had endured the very same treatment from some of the very folks that you mention in your musings. well before they turned on you, there were those who went after me with a vengeance.
I too, was harassed, stalked, belittled and laughed at, all because of a provider,
who went about creating as much Drama as possible, as she hid behind her sweet sexy façade, all while she went about her mission of hate from the darkness. I was a primary target of her hatred. It became so overwhelming, I volunteered to TER admin, to have me banned, so as to bring the whole experience to an end, and to use my exclusion as a means to prohibit others, from their quest to trash me, via my handle, and even my personal life.
Sort of like burning the bridge, so as to keep the invaders at bay. The admin balked at the beginning, and then finally after a few outspoken rants by me, they did agree to ban me.
Finally ! They did not like me as well, and told me as much, because I had stood my ground, and challenged the very people who were intent to discredit, and humiliate me.
I too, walked away, with my head held high, realizing that with the supposed friends on the board, I did not need any enemies. :)

So yes, I can empathize with your plight, in that you faced a den of dangerous snakes, who’s intent, was to spew their venom and destroy anyone who was able to be successful.
Judging by your website, It appears that you have done very well for yourself, in spite of the past experiences that you endured. I commend you for your ability to bounce back from the jaws of defeat, Hillary, you experienced a lot of adversarial situations in the long ago years. It is good to see that you were able to pick up the pieces and build a better product
than the original.

As evidenced by the many positive reviews that you have on other sites, and your continued presence in the adult escort sector, is proof, that you are a class act, and classy provider, who did not need the supposed support of those who frequented the board, nor did you need their business as well.

The Erotic Monkey led me to your website, and I am glad that I took a look around.
Now that your gallery has gotten me aroused, I guess I may have to see if I can book an hour
of your time.
Best Wishes to you!


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  1. ollie

    Excellent commrnts. Hilary was and still is the most sought after date in the twin cities. Beautiful , sensual, and smart. She knows what this relationship between her and her date should be and knows how to get there.

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